Movie star health trainer Jillian Michaels SLAMS pounds loss drug Ozempic

Exercise specialist Jillian Michaels has slammed the fat reduction drug Ozempic immediately after revealing she has persuaded numerous pals to give up the treatment that she claims will make persons sense ‘awful.’

The celeb coach, 48, is known for her in good shape and trim determine, and has now supplied up her opinion on the drug that has been hailed as a magic bullet for shedding unwanted fat. 

In an job interview with Persons, Jillian explained Ozempic, which is recommended to deal with obesity and sort 2 diabetic issues, should be prevented at all expenses. 

The strength coach included that she persuaded a number of of her good friends to ditch the drug for the reason that its success are ‘not lengthy lasting.’ 

Health qualified Jillian Michaels has slammed the body weight reduction drug Ozempic immediately after revealing she has certain a number of buddies to quit the medicine

Ozempic is a type 2 diabetes treatment that is used off-label as a weight loss drug (stock image)

Ozempic is a kind 2 diabetic issues treatment method that is used off-label as a excess weight loss drug (stock picture)

Ozempic: The diabetes drug turned body weight reduction phenomenon 

Ozempic is a form 2 diabetic issues and pre-diabetic issues drug that takes advantage of the active ingredient semaglutide.

It is also popularly employed off-label mainly because of its powerful body weight reduction houses.

It is to be injected into a person’s, arm, thigh or belly to enable control their blood sugar and suppress appetite. 

The drug has reportedly come to be well-known between celebs due to the fact of its extreme fat reduction outcomes.

It is a GLP-1 receptor that will cause the pancreas to launch insulin – the hormone dependable for regulating blood sugar.

The drug also slows down meals exiting the belly, reducing a person’s hunger. 

Scientific studies have located that GLP-1s are really affective pounds decline equipment.

In a 2021 review, patients who used  semaglutide dropped 14 for every cent of their bodyweight over a 68 7 days period of time, in comparison to only two for each cent pounds loss among the these who employed a placebo

She revealed that she has ‘taken at least eight’ close friends off of Ozempic, before noting that her beloved kinds had been experiencing serious side outcomes even though on the treatment. 

‘They’re getting coronary heart palpitations, they’re nauseous, they truly feel like s***. They truly feel so terrible that it’s enthusiastic them to reverse their type 2 diabetes,’ she explained. 

Ozempic is a medicine that has been soaring in income owing to its capability to assistance you reduce weight. 

It is taken as soon as a week by injection in the thigh, belly or arm. And while it is intended for individuals who experience from weight problems or kind 2 diabetic issues, it is generally taken as a fat reduction drug. 

Jillian emphasised her dislike of the drug by noting that once you cease getting the medication you are at danger of attaining rebound pounds. 

She stated that due the ‘rebound outcome,’ people who use Ozempic are ‘not attaining just about anything.’  

‘You get off the drug in a calendar year and go all the way back again. You have not learned anything. You have not constructed any bodily strength or endurance. You have not uncovered how to try to eat wholesome,’ she instructed Men and women. 

The health trainer warned folks to do their investigate on the drug and spelled out that the results ‘are not long lasting.’ 

As a substitute of injecting themselves with the drug, Jillian indicates people seeking to shed body weight start strolling 10,000 ways a working day and eliminate processed sugar and flour from their eating plans. 

According to, the facet consequences of the drug incorporate: nausea, diarrhea, tummy (abdominal) pain, vomiting and constipation.

Both Ozempic and its sister drug Wegovy have been hailed as magic bullets for weight problems and their ability to melt unwanted fat absent inside a matter of weeks. 

Ozempic was to start with accredited by the Food and drug administration as a treatment for style 2 diabetes in 2017, whilst Wegovy was accepted by the Food and drug administration as a excess weight management procedure in 2021. 

The medicines have taken the globe by storm considering that they came out, with both equally stars and people gushing in excess of its ability to reduce body fat. 

The strength coach added that she persuaded several of her friends to ditch the drug because its results are 'not long lasting'

The toughness coach additional that she persuaded a number of of her buddies to ditch the drug because its final results are ‘not very long lasting’

Influencer Remi Bader has detailed how she gained 'double the weight back' and grappled with binge eating again after getting off the 'trendy' new diet drug

Influencer Remi Bader has comprehensive how she gained ‘double the body weight back’ and grappled with binge having all over again immediately after acquiring off the ‘trendy’ new food plan drug

It is injected into the belly, thigh or arm and aids to suppress a person’s urge for food – creating it an an effortless and swift solution to body weight decline. 

Ozempic has been accredited by the Food and Drug Administration for sort two diabetes procedure, which signifies its use as a bodyweight loss drug is off-label. 

The treatment method totals close to $950 a month, but considering that its bodyweight decline effects are off-label, insurance policy is not likely to address the charge. 

In spite of the price, the treatment method has acquired extreme acceptance creating the Fda introducing each Ozempic and Wegovy to its drug shortage record, building it additional difficult for these battling with diabetic issues to acquire procedure. 

Everyone from Hollywood stars to tech moguls are turning to the injectable drug to stay slim, with Elon Musk (seen in August 2022) crediting the drug in October for his recent weight loss

Everyone from Hollywood stars to tech moguls are turning to the injectable drug to stay slender, with Elon Musk (noticed in August 2022) crediting the drug in October for his new weight decline

Having said that, the conditioning coach is just not the very first to criticize the drug. 

TikTok star Remi Bader, 27, has been clear about her use with the drug and in depth how she ‘gained double the weight’ and struggled with binge eating  immediately after stopping the treatment. 

She explained her struggles acquiring off the treatment immediately after a physician instructed her to begin having it for ‘actual overall health issues’ in an interview with Amanda Hirsch on the Not Skinny But Not Unwanted fat podcast.

Bader, who sought cure for binge feeding on disorder very last 12 months, claimed her binging ‘got so a lot worse’ soon after she stopped having the diabetes drug Ozempic.

And although some have criticized it, numerous celebrities have also gushed in excess of the drug, with tech mogul Elon Musk crediting the wonder body fat-burning bullet for his human body transformation and actor Jeremy Clarkson also claiming he utilised the drug. 

And because the drug has found so quite a few shortages, celebrities are dropping as considerably as $1,500 a month on the unwanted fat-buster, producing it near impossible for individuals to obtain the remedy they desperately require. 

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