Fiarphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ get Android 13, guidance window might grow to 2026


you have to endure, 13 minutes backpicture if soc chips are replaceable by consumers.Practically you can switch them with out killing the cellphone, though you may need to have specialzed instruments. Also only SoCs inside the identical item household are pin-appropriate and software-appropriate.

For instance, SD630/636/660 are absolutely appropriate, whilst SD632 is pin compatible w/ SD625/626/450 and program compatible w/ SD425/427/429/430/435/439.

MRSTEK, 22 minutes backPeople hyped about these principles as well a lot. Are you seriously gonna shell out a quality for those people so-cal… additionalvisualize if soc chips are replaceable by users.

lets see how effectiveness fares from the sd632 chip with a13.


People hyped about these concepts far too substantially. Are you genuinely gonna spend a quality for these so-called eco-pleasant attributes?

Not to say fairphones have been applying mediocre or even entry degree hardware to display-off their recognition of environmental security. What is actually the point of supporting SD632 for a lot more than 5 many years?

Which is a soc from 2018, basically underclocked SD660 CPU+ underclocked SD625 GPU.

I am not in opposition to paying a premium for modular style, but at least use much better components future time!



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Android 13 suck you are not able to sideload any longer you cant make a backup data>apps google make positive you re downloaded apps from starting.

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